Do We Follow Our Own Advice?

By Gemma


I wrote a piece last week about how to get design press which was quite well read. Having read a lot of top tips myself, I always wonder how closely the writers follow their own advice. It’s quite easy to dictate how something should be done, it’s less easy to show why. 

In the spirit of walking the walk, I thought I’d tell you about the genesis of some recent design press. 

Designers Journal 

We approached Designers Journal more than a year ago to just tell them we appreciated what they were doing. Running a blog is a labour of love- nobody gets paid, getting a bit of praise is a wonderful thing. They’ve been wonderfully supportive and I think I’ve got a bit of an email crush on Alex one of the writers. Designers Journal are a great example of an up and coming blog that we can grown with. 

Computer Arts

It was a case of right place, right time, right reason for this one. Matt spotted a tweet from Computer Arts looking for agencies who had recently re-branded and was straight in there with a response. Basically, if you’re not engaged with your favourite design press on a regular basis then you don’t have a chance of ever being in the right place at the right time. 

Design Week 

Design Week have been real champions of the studio for a long time, giving us our first proper bit of press back in the Mercy days. In fact, it was for an arts event we were producing and the contact came from Margaret, a PR agency who worked for us at the time. All we had to do was ensure that the relationship was managed properly afterwards. Actually, by writing this, I’ve remembered I’d forgotten to do something for Tom the editor. That is an example of how not to manage a relationship. 


I don’t know if this was just a flook. I tweeted about how lovely (and hypnotic) their homepage animation was. Next week FFF got in touch asking us to send over some images. Seeing it written, I’d say it probably was a little bit flooky. Having good work to show doesn’t hurt either. 

Creative Bloq

This is probably my favourite bit of press of late, for a number of reasons. Primarily, it’s because someone else generated it for us. The Journalist was looking for examples of good design Tumblrs and @aekido did us a solid in recommending ours. So far, this bit of press has tripled our followers and generated what could potentially be an insane new client for us (TBC). 

Press doesn’t come from the same old routes it used to. Social media has put paid to that. We can’t just send out a press release and hope for the best anymore. It’s now a continual process which combines so many different elements. It’s not just about being a good designer anymore. It’s about having something interesting to say about your work and not irritating people too much as you go about it. It’s about recognising that anyone can potentially be there to help you out, and being aware that we’ve a responsibility to do them same.